Welcoming Ministry

The Welcoming Ministry is a vibrant and motivated working team, established in 2012, and serving at the pleasure of the Church Council. Churches all across the nation have established a similar team with the goal of seeing that each and every guest, as well as current members, knows how valuable they are to the congregation at Trinity UMC.
Welcoming Ministry combines both the elements of Welcoming and the Caring ministries into a hard-working fun-filled unit. In addition, the ushers and greeters used at worship services are also part of this ministry. The leadership team, currently with 10 members, has numerous projects with coordinators in multiple and varied areas. 
The primary task of the Welcoming Ministry is keeping the home-fires burning so that when new people to Christ come to worship, there are ways to welcome them into the working body of the church. Other areas include training ushers and greeters, recognition of the loyal volunteers who have volunteered for years; the chime ministry volunteers, signage; remembering shut-ins at Valentine’s Day, Easter, and Christmas caroling, including lay visits; Wonderful Wednesday activity planning for Lent; recognition of smaller working groups in praise for the work they do; taking communion to sick or shut-ins; and many other areas.
The Welcoming Ministry plans to expand the outreach of the Caring ministry section this year. The focus may include birthday cards, phone calls, visits to those who are ill, tracking member absences to offer assistance and letting people know they are missed; and a planned new program called MPFI for ensuring an easy transition into church life and active ministry. 
Welcoming Ministry needs you — either as a member of the leadership team which meets once a month or as a small area leader with a limited focus who can work away from the team. Maybe you want to just be a Christian worker-bee in one of the work areas. There is a place for you on this team!