Relationship not Religion, Part 2

Rev. Jennifer Hageman 7.14.2019
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Like the disciples in the scripture of Pastor Jen’s sermon, we sometimes miss the mark. We need to be reminded, as Christ did for them, that the people who sometimes irritate or even anger us, are people deserving of our love in the same way God loves us. Pastor Jen reminded us that loving God is expressed by loving our neighbor, and in fact we are liars if we claim to love God and hate our brother or sister. Both commandments, loving God and loving each other, are intertwined. When we put rules before people and religion before relationships, we are not showing the love and compassion of Jesus, who crossed ethnic, religious, and racial barriers to care for people. He reminded His disciples we often, while thinking we are loving others, that we sometimes have cold, exclusionary hearts, often from preconceptions we have had from childhood. How do we wrestle with loving others with whom we are uncomfortable, being a church of inclusion, as was Christ’s example? “Our mission can only do that if we love, BECAUSE LOVE CHANGES THE WORLD!” exclaimed Pastor Jen.