Society of St. Stephen:

A Helping Hand Up, Not a Hand Out

The Society of St. Stephen is an outreach ministry of Trinity United Methodist Church Las Vegas. It recognizes an early Christian disciple spearheading efforts of the struggling new church to take care of its poorer members.

Mission:  The mission of Society of St. Stephen is to respond to the social concerns of the community by engaging individuals and families in their time need and providing a “helping hand up.” Our organization provides individuals and families just enough assistance to facilitate “a helping hand” up from abysmal poverty. The clients, however, are not given carte blanche; rather receive “just enough,” which most often consists of non-perishable groceries for three days and a referral for employment and/or other services. Back-to-work programs are a high priority for Society of St. Stephen. Restoring hope for individuals through gainful employment is essential for restoration of an improved quality of life. The ultimate goal at St. Stephen is to offer an interview process whereby individuals are given opportunities to explore possibilities and plot courses of action in order to reclaim their independence from public assistance.

Overview: Society of St. Stephen offers a Food Pantry, from which food is distributed Mondays and Wednesdays, a Clothing Boutique on Mondays, and a Food Rescue Program on Thursdays. Helping Hand Up enables clients to transition back to the work force and/or out of undesirable living conditions. Through various resources we have helped clients find employment, pay necessary bills prior to receiving a first paycheck, or pay for transportation back home or to another support system.

Products:  The success of Trinity United Methodist Church’s outreach mission, Society of St. Stephen, is facilitated in part by membership in Three Square and by selection as a distributing pantry for the Nevada State Food Distribution Program. Three is but one of two Feeding American food banks in Nevada. Trinity UMV is an “agency partner” of Three Square, and as one of over 100 recognized food pantries in Las Vegas, Society of St. Stephen is able to purchase many food items from Three Square at a reduced cost. In addition, Three Square delivers “rescued’ perishable food every Thursday; the food is distributed by volunteers.

Food Pantry & Clothing Boutique

Located in Potters Place in the parking lot of Trinity United Methodist Church

Monday 10am-12pm and Wednesday 3pm-5pm
Need valid ID, Social Security cards for each member of the family, and proof of residency.
(6 times per year, 30 days between visits)

1Blessing Bags

Located in Main Office   Tuesday 10AM-12PM

Food Rescue

Located in the Parking Lot  Thursday 12:30 PM-until food runs out. 
There are no requirements to participate in this program. 

 Other Programs

Helping Hands Up

Clients can apply for assistance according to their needs.  Money for household bills, bus pass, gas money.  Assistance with job one resources, connectional ministries and other resources that will better their current situation.

Angel Tree

We assist underprivileged children to receive Christmas gifts.  We assisted 200 in 2017 and 120 in 2016.
Backpacks for School Children


Annual Report, 2020

**45,870 people received groceries from the Food Pantry and Food Rescue programs
** 2,625 Blessing Bag lunches & toiletry packets were distributed to homeless individuals
** 200 Teddy Bears given to children, in partnership with the Assistance League of Las Vegas
** $5,000 given to families in Helping Hand Up assistance to prevent homelessness
** 2,200 families selected free clothing at the Clothing Boutique
** 14,171 households were served
** 2,625 homeless clients were served
** 497,242 pounds of food were distributed at Food Rescue Thursdays
** 75 volunteers who support this ministry throughout the year