Lessons from the Wilderness, Part 8

9.18.2019 Rev. Jennifer Hageman
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“In a world full of broken promises, God will keep His promises,” begins Pastor Jen in her eighth lesson from the wilderness. She reminds us of all the promises God made to the Israelites and kept, even if they were out of discipline or judgment for what the wandering people did out of unfaithfulness or disobedience. The 40-year journey reminds us that some of God’s promises take a while to be fulfilled, as His timetable is not the same as ours. We must also remember that some of the promises God made in the Bible were made to specific people in specific circumstances, and are not meant to be taken out of context, as often happens. Some of God’s promises are conditional, as in the example of the Lord’s Prayer, where we ask to be forgiven as we also forgive others. Not all of His promises are “warm and fuzzy,” and may require a time of difficulty before a blessing, such as in the case of Job.


We are also reminded that the Old and New Testaments cannot be studied separately, as they are all part of the same story, and have similar themes and threads running throughout. For example, as with all His chosen people, we are called to be the light of the world. We are also delivered from our oppressor, sin and death, as the Israelites were delivered from the Egyptians who enslaved and tortured them. As God did for His people when he brought them to the Promised Land, so Christ goes to prepare a place for us in heaven. Most importantly, we know we can count on God to keep His promises to us, always and without fail.