Lessons from the Wilderness, Part 6

9.1.2019 Rev. Jennifer Hageman
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Pastor Jen continues her sermon series on Lessons from the Wilderness, and it could not have been more timely for our church family. As always, the lesson not only brought many new thoughts to mind, but reinforced the tenets of giving, “a thread woven throughout the Bible,” as Pastor Jen reminded us.  She takes us back to the building of the Tabernacle after Moses returned from receiving the Ten Commandments from God. The Israelites, as had become their habit, started to grumble again. They built an idol to worship and began making offerings to it, regardless of all God had done for them. They were ungrateful, forgetful, and unfaithful, which angered God and Moses. As God is a loving and forgiving God, He forgave the people, and when it came time to build the Tabernacle, the people were reminded of God’s faithfulness, and out of their gratitude and trust, they gave generously of all they had: their resources, time, and talents. In fact, Moses eventually had to ask the people to stop giving, as there was much more than what was needed to complete the task. They gave voluntarily and joyfully, with a willing heart, not out of guilt, duty, compulsion or the desire for recognition. They gave what they had, items that were useful and of the highest quality, not just material possessions, but also of their skills and abilities. Each and every one of them gave something, and the donations were abundant, exceeding that which were needed to complete the building of the Tabernacle. Remember the example of the Israelites as they were reminded of His faithfulness and forgiveness to us in so many difficult times in our lives, and give back to Him in gratitude and trust that He will keep His promises to us, as He always has.