Lessons from the Wilderness, Part 2

Rev. Jennifer Hageman 8.4.2019
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Pastor Jen takes us way back to the Israelites’ journey to the Promised Land, and how they had to have faith in God every day to provide for their needs, as the provisions would only last for the day. The lessons God taught the Israelites and the lessons Christ taught the crowd the day after feeding the 5,000 is the same one He is trying to teach us today. “I am the bread of life.” It all just fits together, doesn’t it? Pastor Jen reminds us we are not much different than the Israelites. Some of us are just here for the manna or the physical provisions, status, or other worldly benefits. God wants to give us satisfaction for our spiritual hunger. Pastor Jen encourages us to remember that Jesus is not just an option among many options, but He is THE source of life. Thanks be to God!