Lessons from the Wilderness, Part 4

Rev. Jennifer Hageman 8.11.2019
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As a community of God, Pastor Jen encourages us to remember that we are to strengthen, encourage, serve, and pray for each other. We should pray for God’s power and presence in our midst. In addition to our normal daily prayers, she asks us to pray for each other, the church leadership, staff, and also for our pastor, as she works to lead our congregation, because it is easy to get caught up in the minutia and lose the big vision. She quotes pastor and author Max Lucado, “When we work, we work. When we pray, God works.” We are meant to help each other when things get overwhelming or discouraging. She gives us edification from the encouraging and supportive nature of Barnabas, and how he stood up for Paul and John Mark in the face of others who would put them down. What an unsung example he is for us! Let us remember to build each other up, be generous, seek to inspire someone in their faith, and pray for the spirit of encouragement in someone’s life. She ended with an example taken from the story of Moses during the battle the Israelites fought with the Amalekites when Aaron and Hur supported him in his exhaustion, “I’ll hold up your hand as you hold up mine.” Let these words prevail in our hearts.