Lessons from the Wilderness, Part 3

Rev. Jennifer Hageman 8.11.2019
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Pastor Jen brings us stories from the Israelites’ journey to the Promised Land, and also from some of the letters to the New Testament churches, that show us how God, our Father, listens to and provides for the concerns of His children, but His patience grows thin when we start to grumble incessantly. From “There’s not enough food!” to “We don’t like the food!” to “We don’t like the leadership!” the Israelites began to worship idols rather than the God who saved them from abuse, and even began to ask to go back to Egypt. God eventually began to impose consequences on their grumblings.  

Christ, too, heard grumbling after He miraculously fed the 5,000, and occasionally even from his own disciples. The New Testament churches grumbled so much Paul and the other apostles counseled them on the matter. 

Pastor Jen reminds us that grumbling is a sin, as it shows a lack of trust and gratitude toward our God, and a sign of forgetfulness for all He has done in our lives. Grumbling is contagious, has a negative impact on others, and taints our perspective. How do we battle this? Pastor Jen says it is important to count our blessings, look for God’s hand even in trials, and to turn to praise and gratitude. James Lemmons chimed in earlier in the service to say that joy, love, peace and kindness are contagious.Her friend once told her,”We do not see things the way they are, but the way we are.”