Relationship not Religion, Part 1

Rev. Jennifer Hageman 7.7.2019
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Pastor Jen’s first lesson to us as Senior Pastor, just as Christ’s chief lesson to the Pharisee who asked him about the greatest commandment, was all about love. “A walk of faith is not about rituals, rites, and rules, but about relationships,” she reminded us. She went on to say that relationships start with God, then with people; it is our chief purpose, and as in the Old Testament, is an affirmation of our faith. She also spoke of Peter showing his love of Christ through emotion when he jumped over the side of his boat when he heard Jesus’ voice from the shore. She said it is good to give God our emotion, and to love Him with our minds and intellect, and to teach these things to our children, giving them what they need to love Jesus. We need to write His words and teachings on our hearts and make them part of all aspects of our lives. As Pastor Jen focused this week on loving God, she will teach next Sunday the second part of this lesson on loving our neighbor.