Whose Rules?

6.23.2019 Richard Jost
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Although the scriptural basis for the sermon (Galatians 3:23-29) can seem esoteric, Richard wove the verses together with Unity Sunday, our societal norms and the transitions we are experiencing at Trinity when he posited the question “Whose rules?” Are we following society’s rules for organizing us by our possessions? Are we looking for the things that divide us, such as gender distinctions, socioeconomic situations, race, sexual orientation, or man-made geographical lines? Or are we looking for the things that unite us, finding ways to identify the equality, the “us,” rather than “them” that divides us? Richard reminded us, “We don’t need no stinkin’ badges!” Do we need a law-governed church or a faith-governed church? Christ tells us that we are governed by love for God and others (Matthew 26:34-40), about which Jesus said,” …depend the whole Law and Prophets” (v. 40b). Richard queried, “Why are we not making greater progress?” As he noted, our church has gone 50 plus years without a female minister. I agree with Richard that we are being blessed, and believe we will cast aside any of those lingering “stinkin’ badges” and accept the new pastor with whom we are being graced to guide our faith relationship with God.