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5.26.2019 Rev. Khalif Smith

As always, Pastor Khalif brings a timely message, one which touches on the life of the United Methodist Church as a whole, the Trinity family, the Smith family, and probably many of us who were listening to his message of transition. He spoke of the potential changes within the church that a group of more than 600 United Methodist leaders from across the country discussed regarding the direction the church may take after the controversial decisions made at the 2019 General Conference. He shared the transitions he and his family are facing as they relocate to Arizona, a move which also brings changes to our church family. This message brings to mind some difficult changes he has shared with dear families who lost loved ones recently. We all face transitions in our lives, some joyous, some heartbreaking, and some that just require minor adjustment. In all of it, Pastor Khalif reminded us that although transitions are often rough, if we are not changing, we are not growing. “God works in the midst of chaos,” counseled the pastor. We seek a sense of peace and wholeness, which God provides to us through the Holy Spirit. Even when it seems like the transitions in our lives are insurmountable, God’s still, small voice will be there, residing in us to guide us to His peace.