This is a Day of Good News, Expressions of Gratitude, Part 2

11.17.2019 Rev. Jennifer Hageman
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“Hide it under a bushel? NO! I’m gonna let it shine!” Pastor Jen brings the second sermon in her series “Expressions of Gratitude” entitled “A Day of Good News,” and boy, was it! We find two lepers in 2 Kings pondering death, knowing whether they stayed where they were or went into the city which was in a state of famine, they would die of starvation. They hit upon a potential alternative: surrendering themselves to the Aramean army camp, where they might be killed or possibly be allowed to live and be fed. When they arrived at the camp, through God’s intervention, the lepers found the camp deserted, but filled with riches and a great deal of food. Although they considered keeping it all for themselves, they decided to share the good news with the city of Samaria, allowing others to eat and enjoy the unexpected gift from God the prophet Elisha had previously predicted. 

So what does this ancient story have to do with us today? Pastor Jen reminds us of the abundance of God’s riches and the incredible gift of His Son, Jesus Christ. We are responsible for sharing the good news of who and whose we are. A witness is one who testifies to what they’ve seen and heard, and if we have a story of how God has been real in our lives or how Christ has made a difference, we should not hide that from others, but share it with gratitude and joy. Our assignment for the week, in addition to that of last week, is to think about a time God has been real to us, write it down, and be ready to share it with others. Pastor Jen closes with, “It ain’t right to keep it quiet!”